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French IT services provider Audensiel announced the acquisition of Cream Consulting.

Cream Consulting provides managed services in the areas of software development, infrastructure, security and business intelligence. The Brussels-based organization was founded in 2010.

Its 200 employees support major financial organizations, insurers, government agencies and energy firms in Belgium. They now work for Audensiel, a French IT services provider. The organization recently announced the acquisition of Cream Consulting.

Audensiel and Cream Consulting

Audensiel has 1,400 employees and specializes in data, security, cloud, DevOps and IoT. Last year, the organization received a substantial investment from Sagard, a Canadian investment firm. The acquisition of Cream Consulting is the second acquisition since the investment.

In the summer of 2022, Audensiel announced the acquisition of Cognodata, a developer of SaaS solutions for payments and marketing automation. Later that year, Audensiel launched a subsidiary in Canada, home to investor Sagard.

Audensiel primarily focused on France until recently. Sagard’s investment made it possible to expand internationally. Subsidiary Cognodata operates in both Europe and South America. Cream Consulting focuses on the Belgian market. Audensiel clearly has international ambitions.

The acquisition’s financial details weren’t disclosed. Audensiel did not confirm whether Cream Consulting will continue to operate under its own name. Chances are it will, as the brand of sister company Cognodata is still in use six months after the acquisition.

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