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Google is merging all professional cloud services with Google Cloud Consulting. The tech giant hopes to make it easier for companies to take advantage of all services on offer.

Google Cloud had already announced last year that it was going to invest more in what it labeled “customer success”. With the move, the company hopes to offer better accessibility and clarity of services, in addition to fixing any problems through AI.


Those interested in Cloud Consulting’s portfolio can now have an overview of them on a single Web page. Options range from technical account management to professional services. The team at Google Cloud had two goals in mind with the reorganization, both focused on user convenience.

First, Google wants to make it easier to access professional services at all. Previously, the various cloud-related services could not be found in one place. That made it difficult to know what was possible and relevant to a business within the Google ecosystem. Now, an organization can evaluate each service based on a brief description and a group of use cases. This should make acquiring enterprise customers a faster process.

The Consulting aspect of Cloud Consulting is highlighted in the second point raised by Google. There is a wide range of third-party partners that help Google Cloud customers get on with their business. Such a partner is available for a variety of tasks. Think advice on data management, using AI and setting up the online infrastructure. With the new service, Google says it can work with these third parties in a better way to advise a customer.

Consulting services cover a vast range of options, from basic training to long-term advice on complex issues. VP of Google Cloud Consulting Lee Moore hopes to expand the offerings even further. “As we look forward to 2023, we’ll continue to expand the service catalog and focus on making it even easier to find and transact these services, and further streamline the experience of engaging with our services.”

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