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The AP3000 is the smallest and most energy-efficient Wi-Fi 6E access point on the market, according to Extreme Networks.

The access point was unveiled at the Extreme Connect user conference. AP3000 specifically targets price-conscious customers who demand professional performance from a small device. To this end, Extreme Networks is releasing the AP3000 in two form factors, with a 2×2:2 dual radio and, as an option, external antennas with a wider temperature range. It also makes the access point suitable for cold rooms and hot environments, production sites, warehouses with high ceilings and classrooms.

According to Extreme Networks, the power consumption at 13.9W is also the lowest among currently available Wi-Fi 6E access points.

The AP3000 further works with Extreme Fabric, from which IT teams can automate onboarding and provisioing. Hypersegmentation is used, so the network is zoned and the network becomes more secure.

Universal switching

At the same time, Extreme Networkgs announces it is releasing the new 7520 Universal Switch. The 7520 switch is designed for use as a 1/10/25 Gb server in data centers and server rooms. The 7520 has models for both 1/10 Gb copper and 1/10/25 Gb Fiber, allowing companies to choose the platform that best meets their cabling and data rate requirements.

Also available is the 7720 Universal Switch. With the 7720, enterprises get faster core switching with up to 32 x 100 Gb ports. The switch bundles up to eight different connections from aggregation/core switch from previous generations into one series.

During Extreme Connect, Extreme Networks also announced ExtremeCloud Edge. You can read more about that in our separate article.