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Extreme Networks announced ExtremeCloud Edge at its user conference. This computing platform is hosted at the edge and should give organizations more choice and flexibility in managing network applications.

In making the announcement, Extreme Networks indicates that companies are increasingly working in a distributed manner. In doing so, remote users depend on apps that demand high bandwidth and low latency. “Organizations are therefore looking for a seamless and cost-effective way to move network applications such as cloud management, analytics and AI to the edge of their network,” the company said.

The solution promises to unify network application management and enable companies to deploy applications (e.g., ExtremeCloud IQ and SD-WAN) from the private cloud to the edge. Nabil Bukhari, Chief Product Officer and Chief Technology Officer, notes that when it comes to cloud services, organizations should not be forced into vendor lock-in. “Customers differ and so they all have different requirements when it comes to the speed and agility synonymous with public cloud to the compliance and data residency requirements of sovereign clouds.”

One network, one cloud

So for ExtremeCloud Edge, taking the worry out of cloud sovereignty is important. It also improves network performance by bringing application computing power closer to users. Cloud deployments can be managed in a single application. This should allow companies to meet security requirements around data sovereignty. It should also improve the user experience through high bandwidth and low latency, while lowering the cost of complex cloud deployments.

According to Bukhari, ExtremeCloud Edge is the beginning of a new era when it comes to cloud choice, data security and network simplicity. “We have dramatically reduced the cost and complexity of using the cloud and offer customers the choice to implement the cloud in the way that best suits their business goals. ExtremeCloud is an affirmation and continuation of our strategy one network, one cloud,” Bukhari explained.

ExtremeCloud Edge will be available to selected partners in the summer. It features Extreme applications such as ExtremeCloud IQ, ExtremeCloud SD-WAN and Extreme Intuitive Insight.

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