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US-based Alta Labs has announced that it will supply WiFi and network switch products. Initial deliveries of WiFi 6 access points are said to have already begun, while the Utah-based company also plans to start selling network switches in the third quarter.

Alta Labs describes itself as “new but experienced.” For a good reason, as it refers to a background of 24 years of experience at parent company Soundvision Technologies (SVT) on LinkedIn. CTO Jeff Hansen discusses an opportunity to shake up the market with new products. His promise: high availability as well as features and technology that “have never been seen before.”

It is an evidently distinct initiative from SVT. Traditionally, this company has focused on audio hardware. A new direction, then, which they estimate requires a new name.

Product line

Initially, the offerings begin uncluttered: Alta Labs offers an AP6 and AP6-Pro as WiFi 6 access points. These are connected to the Alta Labs Cloud Management Platform, also available in app form.

CEO Chase Harrison: “Our commitment is to ensure that connecting to and managing your network is easier than ever. Combining this with our sales, service, and support, we’re exactly what the industry has been looking for.”

In the press release, saying “Real people work here” makes a somewhat interpretable statement. The future will tell how large the new company’s portfolio will eventually become.

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