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Zyxel introduces enterprise-class WiFi 7 access point WBE660S

Zyxel introduces enterprise-class WiFi 7 access point WBE660S

Zyxel has introduced its first WiFi 7 access point, the Zyxel WBE660S WiFi 7 BE22K Triple-Radio NebulaFlex Pro.

The new access point targets environments where high levels of WiFi connectivity are required, according to Zyxel. Examples where this may be useful are offices, classrooms, stadiums, but also stations, to name a few. SMBs, managed service providers (MSPs) and business edge environments will be able to benefit from the new WiFi 7 access point and solve the most challenging WiFi problems, according to Zyxel.

In terms of technology, the now access point offers enterprise technology, high performance, good security and seamless management via the cloud. The access point features triple radio architecture in addition to the WiFi 7 signature, including for the 320 MHz channel that enables speeds of up to 22 Gbps.

In addition, it features a Multi-Gig LAN uplink that supports up to 10 GbE, unlocking the full potential of 10 GbE networks.

The WBE660S access point is also powered by the Networking Pro 1220 WiFi 7 processor platform and has three onboard 4×4 Smart antennas.

Zyxel’s on-board Advanced RF Filter and Advanced Cellular Coexistence technologies reduce interference with other WiFi and 4G/5G channels and take full advantage of the exclusive WiFi 7 4K QAM technology.

Furthermore, the access point features (power) supply capabilities via PoE++ and a USB-C port.

Management Features

For management, the new access point is seamlessly integrated with Zyxel Networks’ Nebula cloud and offers various enterprise functionality, such as WiFi Health, WiFi Aid and Connect & Protect Plus (CNP+). In addition, the Zyxel access point comes with a one-year Nebula Pro Pack license.

The Zyxel WBE660S will be available from the end of October 2023.

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