Qualcomm starts selling Wi-Fi 7 chips for routers and mesh systems

Qualcomm starts selling Wi-Fi 7 chips for routers and mesh systems

Qualcomm is tapping into a new market for Wi-Fi routers. It does so by selling Wi-Fi 7 chips that telecom providers can integrate into Wi-Fi routers.

Qualcomm is starting sales of Wi-Fi 7 chips for routers and mesh systems. To most, the company is probably known as a manufacturer of chips for smartphones. The Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 present in the OnePlus 11 and the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 5 comes, for example, from Qualcomm.

Selling Wi-Fi chips and routers to individuals may be a lesser-known activity. That is not stopping Qualcomm from expanding the market.

Wi-Fi 7

A WiFi gateway converts the fiber optic line into a Wi-Fi signal. Broadcomm chooses the convert is standard made to Wi-Fi 7, the latest internet standard should provide more stable and faster connections. Regarding speed, you can expect an upgrade from 9.6 Gbps with Wi-Fi 6, to 46 Gbps with Wi-Fi 7.

The latest internet standard does require new devices. Laptops compatible with Wi-Fi 7 are slowly entering the market among high-end devices.

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Charter Communications is one of the first customers of chips. The American company will use the chips in devices for Spectrum Internet users from 2024 on. It shares this information in a press release. It will not achieve the great potential that Wi-Fi 7 promises, as it guarantees internet speeds of 10 Gbps.