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EnGenius launches Wi-Fi 6 access point with powerful connectivity

EnGenius launches Wi-Fi 6 access point with powerful connectivity

EnGenius has launched a new Wi-Fi 6 access point with the ENH500-AX. The product supports transmission speeds of up to 1Gbps and can even support up to 200 cameras in 1080p.

The ENH500 is equipped with a Qualcomm Wi-Fi 6 2×2 microprocessor that should be able to handle these connectivity requirements. On top of that, it promises to deliver an “infinite user experience.” The ENH500-AX is equipped with two Ethernet ports.

The company hopes the new product responds to the current desire from consumers and businesses for more connectivity. More and more devices are connected, making network performance increasingly important. Given the rise of smart homes, the utility of a high-quality wireless connection has become essential to take full advantage of related smart devices’ features. This can be as trivial as turning lights on and off as timing laundry cycles or running security cameras. For professional purposes, IoT devices and sensors also make network performance critical.

Suitable for (lots of) security cameras

Anyone wishing to equip a home or business premises with security cameras depends on a good connection to ensure effectiveness. A single ENH500-AX would handle 200 cameras at 1080p resolution, while it can handle 20 simultaneous 4K transmissions.


Installation and configuration of the access point can be done via the EnWiFi app. EnGenius promises that users will not have to worry about complex installation to still benefit from the high speed.

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