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Samsung Foundry, the processor manufacturing division of the Korean tech group, will launch 2-nanometer (2nm) processors by 2025. This is according to a recently disclosed roadmap.

The 2-nm processors now announced for 2025 are intended for use in smartphones and other mobile devices, according to Samsung Foundry. Especially for supporting AI solutions and applications developed for these specific devices. Therefore, the first 2nm processors are preferred for mobile applications.

Other use cases will be addressed in later years. In 2026, 2-nm processors for HPC applications will enter the market. In 2027, these will be followed by 2-nm processors for the automotive sector.

Other items processor roadmap

In addition, the roadmap reveals that the South Korean chip maker plans to start commissioning 8-inch galium nitride (GaN) power processors in 2025. These specific processors should find their way into consumer, data center and automotive applications.

Samsung Foundry is also working on 5nm RF chips for mobile 6G technology. These processors should become available in the first half of 2025. Mass production of 1.4nm processosrs should start in 2027.

Capacity expansion

Furthermore, the chip manufacturer announced that production capacity will be scaled up. To this end, Samsung Foundry will further expand capacity in clean rooms at its factory in South Korea’s Pyeongtaek. In addition, capacity at the new factory now under construction in Taylor, Texas, in the US, will be expanded.

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