Europe, ASML and Flanders get imec ready for modern chips

Europe, ASML and Flanders get imec ready for modern chips

Imec is negotiating additional subsidies with the European Commission worth 750 million euros. That money will be used for the construction of a new clean room. If imec concludes the negotiations successfully, the Flemish government will double the amount. ASML is already prepared to lend equipment.

The Flemish research centre specialising in computer chips wants to start working with the newest (nano)chips. This requires the construction of a new clean room, as well as additional investments. A clean room is a shock- and dust-free space with a hefty price tag.

Imec cannot bear the investment alone and therefore asks for help from the European Commission, Belgian news outlet De Tijd reports. Negotiations are underway for a subsidy of up to 750 million euros. Under the European Chips Act, these investments should be perfectly justifiable.

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The Flemish government wants to double the final amount. This investment comes on top of the annual Flemish subsidy of 120 million euros. It is however not a subsidy, since the research lab will eventually pay back through a lease. The rental contract will be concluded by imec and a new infrastructure company, which is building the clean room and is being set up by the Flemish government.


Finally, imec can fall back on a network of partners. The chip machine builder ASML would be willing to lend equipment worth millions of euros.

The two recently announced a partnership to develop new processors together. Part of the collaboration includes installing an experimental production line with ASML equipment at imec.