NetApp and Equinix deliver Bare-Metal-as-a-Service

NetApp and Equinix deliver Bare-Metal-as-a-Service

NetApp and Equinix are jointly introducing the new Bare-Metal-as-a-Service (BMaaS) service NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal. With the service, companies can benefit from a compute, network and storage infrastructure combined with fast interconnection with public cloud services.

NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal combines compute power, network capacity and storage with Equinix Meta bare-metal servers and low-latency connectivity to the three major cloud players, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and AWS.

The service is a strategic extension of NetApp’s existing Cloud strategy and is a step toward a further hybrid-multi-cloud experience.

Customers previously had the option to purchase NetApp cloud services based on Equinix bare-metal servers, such as NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP.

Een diagram van het azuurblauwe cloudplatform.

BMaaS service benefits

Key benefits of NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal include an integrated solution where NetApp Storage is fully integrated with the Equinix Metal server infrastructure. This provides a full stack experience for file, block and object storage, compute power and networking-as-a-service within a single subscription.

Customers can use the BMaaS service to decide how to shape their hybrid (multi)cloud experience, keeping control of their data in a low-latency, high-performance environment, whether on-premises, in the cloud or in a hybrid environment and for all three major public cloud environments.

In addition, the service provides improved performance for high-demand workloads and allows them to scale up and down capacity and required performance as needed.

NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal can be managed through a single portal that provides users with clear control and insights into their data, wherever it resides. The automated Equinix Metal provisioning platform further simplifies deployment and management capabilities.

Security and Equinix IBX data center network.

Furthermore, NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal features best-in-class security functionality that encrypts data and protects against ransomware, among other things. In addition, the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX) data centers in which the service is hosted feature the most up-to-date physical and environmental protection for securing customers’ data.

The BMaaS service will soon be available in all Equinix IBX data centers. As of June 2023, the data center provider has 250 Equinix IBX data centers worldwide in 71 metro regions with 26 Equinix Metal locations.

NetApp Storage on Equinix Metal is available as-a-service through NetApp’s Storage-as-a-Service (STaaS) program NetApp Keystone. The service can be purchased as single tenant or dedicated and is offered, priced, billed and supported through a single contract.

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