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Philips is recalling an old medical scanner after a component proved faulty. An incident reported by a customer has forced the company into action. After warnings in December, a recall has proven to be necessary to ensure no harmful incident occurs.

The incident in question did not lead to any harm. The device, the SPECT BrightView, has not been sold since 2014, but some 1,000 are said to still be in use. In December, Philips issued a field safety notice to inform other customers of the potential problem.

The case shouldn’t be a major cause for concern to the outside world, although it’s one of many developments that should worry Philips. In December, for example, it had to recall 340 MRI systems worldwide because of a risk of explosion and in September the company reached a 448 million euro settlement because of problems with its apnea devices.

Serious case

Bloomberg reports that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is referring to the development as a Class I Recall, the most serious form a recall can be assigned. “If the detector is positioned below center of gantry, there is a potential for abrasion, contusion, laceration, and/or fracture to the patient’s lower limbs, as well as an interruption to normal system operation,” the government agency states.

Philips appears to be acting quickly on this incident, but the potential risks certainly call for a speedy resolution. The company’s struggles will do little to satisfy its new investors. In the middle of last year, it was announced that the Italian investment fund Exor had set aside 2.6 billion euros for a 15 percent stake. The fund was set up by the Agnelli family, known for car brands such as Fiat, Ferrari and Iveco.

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