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Three major cloud providers all focus on health care. More and more different techniques, including machine learning, are being used there, which results in an increased demand for computing power. Oracle is now also focusing on this market and is committed to it with the acquisition of goBalto Inc., a cloud platform for managing clinical trials.

That’s what Oracle reports today in a blog. The amount of money involved in the takeover of the American startup goBalto is unfortunately not known. We do know that the company attracted an investment of 37.6 million dollars from companies such as Qualcomm. GoBalto’s customers include major players such as Pfizer.

Management of clinical research sites

Basically, goBalto aims to streamline the management of clinical research sites. Those are the places where pharmaceutical companies test new drugs with patients. Oracle writes that it can currently take up to seven months for a new research laboratory to be fully operational.

However, goBalto’s technology can speed up this process considerably, because certain tasks can be automated. In this way, the goBalto system can quickly find a suitable location for clinical trials. In addition, the preparations that have to be made before these tests can be started can also be coordinated.

Developing cheaper medicines

According to Oracle, goBalto’s platform has already been used at more than 90,000 research locations. It is also part of more than 2,000 clinical studies. The offer accelerates the time it takes to set up a research location by 30%. This means that the costs can also be significantly reduced. Since pharmacists are always looking for ways to make the development of a new drug cheaper, it is not surprising that the technology is being used. The average cost of developing a new drug is sun 2.6 billion dollars.

Oracle will add goBalto to its Health Sciences division. It offers a variety of solutions developed specifically for the medical industry, including software that simplifies the management of resources. Oracle is also taking significant steps in this area, as it made a deal with Cleveland Clinic last month to build a cloud platform that will support the medical center’s operations.

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