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Qualys launched new security and compliance features for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). The organization’s security platform was further integrated into OCI through the Vulnerability Scanning Service (VSS).

Oracle uses a shared responsibility security model for OCI customers. This means that Oracle protects the public cloud environment, but customers are personally responsible for data and infrastructure within the environment.

Qualys secures IaaS and PaaS environments by helping customers prevent and respond to threats. The security vendor develops a range of solutions for insight, detection and response.

The offering includes policy compliance, cybersecurity asset management, file integrity monitoring, multi-vector EDR, custom assessment and remediation (CAR), container security and patch management.

The organization recently integrated with the OCI Vulnerability Scanning Service (VSS). In doing so, Qualys wants to help companies secure hybrid IT environments. This service ensures that all data is collected in a central environment and presented in a single pane of glass, providing insights and management features.

Qualys OCI VSS

The integration allows Qualys’ functionality to be used anywhere within the distributed OCI environment. This eliminates the need to manually patch and update scanning updates for instances within the public cloud environment. Qualys designed the integration to save security administrators time and money.

OCI VSS offers a security management and monitoring console for this purpose. The console detects OCI VMs and automatically deploys Qualys Cloud Agents in bulk. Companies only need to configure a “scan recipe” and scan target. The scan results of instances immediately show up. Details are displayed in VSS, while the results are routed directly to Qualys Cloud Guard.

The integration is available immediately.