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Lancom is expanding its portfolio of corporate gateways with two VPN gateways, the ISG-4000 and the ISG-1000. According to the manufacturer, these gateways should be particularly effective within medium to large IP networks that support different services.

According to the German manufacturer, the gateways that have now been released are particularly suitable for connecting up to 1,000 external locations in a safe and cost-efficient manner and for running various types of traffic over them. These connections are realised within the applications with VPN tunnels based on IPSec and a standard internet connection.

The gateways can also be expanded to support hotspots and apply services such as content filtering and clustering. They also use the latest encryption technology and offer reliable redundancy for optimal disaster recovery and business continuity. Both gateways are the successors of the well-known Central Site VPN-Gateways 9100+ and 7100+ VPN.


Specifically, the ISG-1000 supports 100 VPN tunnels. The ISG-4000 does this for double the number. The first gateway is scalable to 200 VPN connections and the last one to 1,000. In larger environments, the VPN gateways can be clustered together. The gateways each feature four Gigabit Ethernet/SFP combo ports and a Gigabit Ethernet interface. The LANCOM ISG-4000 also has two 10 GE SFP+ ports.

Virtualization applications standard

The gateways are also equipped with various virtualisation applications that are included as standard, such as the new virtual Lancom vRouter. This software-based router for virtualization environments runs on a hypervisor, in the flavors VMware ESXi or Microsoft HyperV, and provides the same functionality as on hardware routers. According to the manufacturer, the main advantage is that the virtual router provides better scalability.

Comprehensive security options

For security, both the ISG-1000 and ISG-4000 have built-in firewalls with stateful inspection, intrusion detection and protection against DDoS attacks. This is complemented by dynamic bandwidth management, extensive backup and high availability functionality support for the Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP) and load balancing of up to four WAN connections.

Here too, virtualisation is used with the Advanced Routing & Forwarding (ARF) functionality. This allows ISG-4000 to set up 256 VLAN/IP contexts for highly flexible and efficient use of LAN-WAN connections. The ISG-1000 supports 128 ARF contexts.

In addition, the VPN connection gateways are equipped with IPSec, advanced encryption, built-in hardware acceleration and digital certificates for connecting branch offices and home offices.

It is striking that Lancom states in its product description that no rear doors are built into the gateways as standard, so that, for example, government investigative agencies can intercept traffic in secret.

SD WAN support

Like all of Lancom’s recent products, the gateways presented today can be managed using the proprietary management tools LANconfig and LANmonitor or Lancom Management Cloud (LMC). This latter cloud-based option is particularly useful for setting up and managing SD WAN environments.

Both gateways are available immediately, as the manufacturer informs us. However, they do cost a lot of money. The ISG-1000 costs 2,999 euros excluding VAT and the ISG-4000 no less than 4,999 euros excluding VAT.

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