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Accenture and Amazon Web Services deepen their business partnership with new services. Soon the services will be offered within the Accenture AWS Business Group. These include cloud migration and blockchain services.

The Accenture AWS Business Group was founded three years ago and currently employs 2,100 certified AWS professionals. 400 of these are only concerned with building cloud architectures for business customers. Now, however, there will be more emphasis on Accenture’s infrastructure-as-a-service model.

Innovating in the cloud

Everything we’re introducing today is about how you can drive innovation with the cloud, says Chris Wegmann, the global managing director of AABG and Accentures AWS Business Group. Specifically, the following services were introduced:

  • A new AWS Applied Intelligence Center of Excellence in Seattle. It will process industry and domain-specific machine learning and artificial intelligence usage situations.
  • A service called LaunchPad that helps customers achieve more than just cost savings with the digital transformation.
  • Even more new tools, templates and industry-specific services to help customers gain significant benefits from machine learning.
  • Blockchain Express, which helps customers to set up a blockchain service within six weeks using Accenture services.

According to Wegmann, the partnership with AWS fits within what Accenture offers when it comes to added value and tools. Cloud providers are offering more and more value, allowing us to focus more on value creation and innovation, rather than having to worry about the bits and bytes.

Accenture also cooperates with other cloud providers, but according to Wegmann the cooperation with Amazon is a special one. We may offer similar products on other platforms, but this is an offer that we have developed specifically within our partnership with AWS.

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