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Amazon Web Services has announced a new Internet of Things (IoT) managed service for data collection at an industrial level. The company will let you know during the pre-re:Invent show it’s organizing this week.

AWS IoT SiteWise is focused on industrial resources that use sensors. The service makes it possible to monitor data collection points and to detect problems more easily. Think of problems such as production errors or defective machine parts. AWS IoT SiteWise also centralises the data that is collected.

AWS IoT SiteWise

IoT SiteWise is currently only available in a limited preview. The intention is to connect the software to a company’s industrial resources via a gateway. That gateway connects the on-premise data servers, collects data and sends that data to the AWS Cloud.

The IoT SiteWise service can be used in combination with an AWS Snowball Edge gateway, but can also be installed on a third party industrial gateway that is directly linked to on-premise servers, where sensor data is also stored. The IoT SiteWise is also linked to AWS IoT Events. This is a new cloud-based, fully managed IoT service that detects problems and enables fast responses.

AWS IoT Events recognizes events within different sensors and thus identifies operational problems, according to the company in a statement. In the event of a problem, the support team is automatically notified of the problem. This way they can be solved quickly.

AWS IoT Events and IoT SiteWise are currently available in preview mode in US West, US East and EU regions. The intention is that they will be rolled out to more regions in the near future. The course of this process obviously depends on the performance of the technology as it is currently before us.

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