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Equinix has opened its International Business Exchange (IBX) data centre AM7 in Amsterdam-Zuidoost. The data centre claims to be “one of the most important connectivity hubs in the world”. The data center must support organizations undergoing global transformation. The expansion cost $55 million.

According to Michiel Eielts, Managing Director Equinix Benelux, the Netherlands is for many organizations the digital gateway to Europe. “75 percent of all international IP traffic in the Netherlands passes through the Equinix campuses, with AM7 being the largest junction in Amsterdam-Zuidoost.

As a result, 20 percent of the foreign investments in the Netherlands would be related to digital activities. Our country also has more than 169 multinational technology companies, making it one of the largest players in the global digital economy.

New data center

The new data centre is 4,125 square metres in size and has room for 925 cabinets. The building also runs entirely on renewable energy. The building must be an answer to the growing need of organizations for direct data exchange with customers and (cloud) partners such as AWS, Microsoft, Google and Oracle. Many companies place their network equipment as close as possible to the digital services and users, the company argues. The Connectivity Hub must be the ideal place for this.

The direct data exchange between companies in Amsterdam increases annually by 57 percent, according to the annual market study of Equinix. The capital is expected to account for 20% of the total bandwidth capacity for interconnection in Europe between 2017 and 2021. This makes the Netherlands particularly attractive to companies that are taking major digital steps in the field of online gaming, digital media, healthcare and the manufacturing industry.

“The expansion of the AM7 data center provides an environment where organizations can quickly and securely exchange data with each other and are in contact with their key global partners,” says Eielts. “With new forms of digital business models and tighter regulation, interconnection will become even more important in the coming years.

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