Box Skills gives access to cloud data for AI and machine learning

Box Skills gives access to cloud data for AI and machine learning

Box has launched the Box Skills SDK. The solution allows developers to collect relevant data within their organization and use it for machine learning and artificial intelligence.

If there is a way to achieve a certain level of automation with machine learning, instead of doing it manually, it can change the way business processes function in a meaningful way, says Jeetu Patel, chief product officer and chief strategy officer at Box in a response to TechCrunch.

According to him, three hundred beta testers would have focused on their own company-specific use cases. They collected information from different types of content relevant to them in order to bring an element of automation into their content management. For example, artificial intelligence was used to recognize the content of a photo for autotagging purposes. Something that makes human action to tag people on a photo superfluous. But also in the area of contract management, the innovative technique was used to remove certain conditions from a contract. Previously an act done by a legal team.

According to Patel, the Skills SDK can also manage a complex automated workflow within Box. Skills, for example, drives the creation of automated metadata, which in turn can drive a workflow.

Use of expertise partners

Box offers the possibility to include Box data in a certain AI or ML algorithm. Instead of developing these algorithms itself, it relies on the expertise of parties such as IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services. The company already claims to be working with dozens of AI and ML partners.

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