Cisco is already looking to a future with 6G at CES

Cisco is already looking to a future with 6G at CES

While the world is busy developing 5G, Cisco is already looking to a future with 6G at CES. The company claims to have an idea of what 6G will bring to the world. CTO or Service Provider Networking Michael Beesley states that the first characteristics are already clear.

“We already understand what the characteristics and possibilities will be when we talk about the bandwidth, the reduction in latency, the density of the network, the coverage and the fact that it is not only handsets for consumers, but also for mobile enterprise employees, IoT and mobile IoT”, says Beesley.

According to Beesley it takes about 15 to 20 years until 6G is at its peak of deployment. “In those days, we can imagine that compute and intelligence are incorporated in everything. The cost and size will be so efficient and small that compute and intelligence are in everything we can imagine, and all those things will be connected to a network.”

However, he says that changes need to be made to the price of the spectrum, the cost of devices, new apps and use cases to justify the cost of a 6G expansion. He also states that cybersecurity will improve by 6G. “I’m optimistic that we can get to an extremely secure architecture, partly because when you have that bandwidth and computing power, you can detect suspicious behavior almost in real time.”

Quantum netting

Quantum computers are getting closer and Beesley states that they will work together with 6G to create a “quantum network”. According to him, we should assume that quantum computing comes to market on a scale, facilitates the side of the device, and receives one or two orders of the size of the computing power and the computer density, and assume that the 6G network will have an ultra-high bandwidth and very low latency.

“The user experience is going to be absolutely fantastic. Any interaction – whether it’s personal, entertainment or social – will be imbued with HD video, AR and VR. At that point, everything is connected. Every activity you can think of will have a networking component.”

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