MariaDB launches managed open source database platform for transactional data analysis

MariaDB launches managed open source database platform for transactional data analysis

MariaDB, supplier of open source database platforms, brings MariaDB Platform X3 on the market. This hybrid database platform enables end users to analyse transactional data almost in real time. The platform is available as a managed solution that saves costs and is highly scalable.

The new managed platform of the open source database specialist is a combination of two existing database products for transactions and for analysis. The MariaDB Platform X3 products MariaDB TX and MariaDB AX, now combined in MariaDB Platform X3, form a new platform that is highly scalable on existing standard hardware applications. In addition, the solution is suitable for both hybrid and public cloud environments.

Technology behind the hybrid database

The hybrid solution ensures that companies and organisations can analyse transactional data in almost real time – for example data traffic between banks or stock exchange data – without having to deal with complex and time-consuming procedures for extracting, converting and loading data and all the administrative procedures that this entails.

In order to make his simplified process possible, the database specialist uses, among other things, a technology, full change data capture, to stream transactional data in column format in a distributed data store. MariaDB Platform X3 uses two instances of data, one in row format for transactions and one in column format that data specialists like to use. The change data capture functionality replicates the data from rows to columns. Applications can use any format and can expand the data entry as much as necessary. In this way, the applications used by the data analysts have access to almost real-time data for their analyses.

In concrete terms, this technology ensures that end users of the managed platform can increasingly use new applications that are transactional, but at the same time possess smart analytical capabilities that were previously only present in business intelligence teams.

Advantages of the hybrid solution

Using the cloud-based hybrid solution of a transactional and analytical database platform, end-users can make significant cost savings, among other things. After all, individual database administrators do not have to buy a separate database platform for each of them.

In addition, the managed hybrid database platform from the cloud also makes more functionality, from reference architectures to patches, available. Especially for end users of the commercial version of MariaDB’s open source database platform. Previously, this additional functionality was only available in customization for a few specific customers.

Costs and availability

With the arrival of MariaDB Platform X3, the existing MariaDB TX and Maria AX products will no longer be sold. The price of the managed database platform is $9,600 per node. The price is therefore high, but the supplier indicates that they can mix their chosen number of nodes according to their wishes and at any time, without having to pay a fine for this. For example, end users who start with a total of six nodes can divide them into four nodes for transactional data and two for analytics. At a later stage, they can then easily change them to three of each category.

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