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The Swedish provider of network technology Ericsson has recently announced the solution for managed services Ericsson Operations Engine. These managed services enable service providers, especially telecom providers, to more optimally manage and perform network management activities on end-user networks using, among other things, artificial intelligence and automation.

According to the network provider, the managed services tool allows service providers to design their network, IT, network design, and optimization operations for their customers more easily and efficiently. In addition, these services would help service providers to switch to 5G and provide services around the Internet of Things (IoT).

Three basic components

The solution that has now been launched consists of three parts. Firstly, it has a service-oriented model based on the operating results of the respective service provider. The Ericsson Operations Engine uses artificial intelligence, automation and data analytics to analyse the various results, so that they can better focus on an improved customer experience, growth in turnover and more efficiency for the business, among other things.

Data driven operational rollout

The second part of the solution should ultimately deliver results on all aspects of actual network management, such as using artificial intelligence design and planning applications. These in turn should lead to a data-driven operational roll-out of managed network services, flawless and continuous implementation, application development and other innovative applications.

Finally, the Ericsson Operations Engine includes the best tools based on data, artificial intelligence and automation capabilities that will ultimately improve the expertise and investments of the user service providers.

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