Renewed MariaDB Enterprise Server is more stable and reliable

Renewed MariaDB Enterprise Server is more stable and reliable

During MariaDB OpenWorks 2019, the annual conference that MariaDB organizes for users and developers, the company announced a new version of the MariaDB Enterprise Server. The new database is built with a great focus on reliability and stability.

Vice President Max Mether informs the iTWire site that business customers have very different needs than the average user. These customers work at a very different level of scale and focus on stability and safety, according to Mether. For this reason it was decided to develop another version of MariaDB Server, specifically for business workloads.

Business functions

MariaDB Enterprise Server logically offers a number of features that are fully focused on business requirements. For example, the server is equipped with more powerful auditing and the system backs up large databases more quickly. There is also end-to-end encryption for all data contained in the MariaDB clusters, which should make it more secure.

But stability and reliability are central to MariaDB Enterprise Server. These two factors have been taken into account during the entire development process of this new version. After all, a business user whose server does not work is not a satisfied customer. MariaDB Enterprise Server is fully open-source and the standard version for customers using the MariaDB Platform on-premise or in the cloud. The new update will be available when the next version of MariaDB Platform is released in the course of this spring.

Growing the DaaS offering

During the same panel, MariaDB also announced that Mark Porter, who was responsible for the Amazon Relational Database Service for a long time, now has an appointment as advisor to the board. Porter has the necessary expertise in areas such as the cloud, distributed systems and large-scale databases.

Porter’s job is to help MariaDB grow its database-as-a-service offering quickly. He also has to help with the roll-out of SkySQL and finally with the integration of new distributed technology in MariaDB Platform.

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