Colt enhances applications for mobile operators using Cisco

Colt enhances applications for mobile operators using Cisco

Colt Technology Services will further upgrade its network solutions for mobile operators in view of the arrival of 5G. To this end, it recently entered into a partnership with network supplier Cisco. The upgrades focus mainly on backhaul services.

The supplier of high-bandwhite network solutions wants to further develop their own Colt IQ Network and optimize it before the arrival of 5G. The network, an agile and flexible backbone infrastructure with high bandwidth, is, according to the supplier, particularly suitable for delivering large quantities of low-latency connectivity.

The network also connects all major global hubs and hyperscale data centers. This makes the application ideal for telecom operators who want to get the most out of their 5G networks, says Colt.

Cost savings while maintaining SLAs

In concrete terms, the collaboration with Cisco consists of using its intent based networking architecture and Ethernet VPN (eVPN) architecture. This allows operators to directly use standardized APIs to automate complex backhaul services.

Among other things, operators can scale the bandwidth, via the also programmable Colt IQ Network, on the basis of self-service and provide services or network slices with guaranteed SLA levels that match the desired latency and bandwidth. This allows them to share connectivity costs while maintaining individual SLAs for their network applications.

According to Colt, this should ultimately result in substantial savings for the operators concerned on investments in high bandwidth applications and investments in (backhaul) connectivity such as fibre-optics. The savings should then lead to a faster roll-out of 5G and lower running costs for the final end-users, according to the two cooperating parties.

Support for CloudRAN applications

The partnership with Cisco also enables the provider of high bandwidth services to support modern 5G architectures using the Cloud Radio Access Network (CloudRAN). CloudRAN reduces operational costs by making more efficient use of the frequency spectrum, wireless technology and cost-efficient antennas that require less on-site intervention.

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