Infor Nexus is an intelligent supply chain network

Infor Nexus is an intelligent supply chain network

Infor announces that it will change the name of the GT Nexus supply chain network to Infor Nexus. The rebranding is a result of the changing way in which supply chains are applied.

Infor Nexus combines the power of GT Nexus, IoT and Infor Coleman AI to provide an intelligent supply chain network that supports the creation of an autonomous supply chain. Infor Nexus is the first solution that combines AI, IoT and advanced visualization through an end-to-end collaboration network. In addition to real-time insight, the solution also offers predictive intelligence.

Connecting networks

Infor Nexus connects enterprise systems, network partners, and IoT devices in a single-instance, multi-enterprise enterprise network platform. By connecting to the network, companies digitise their end-to-end supply chain processes, gain real-time insight into all supply chain activities and benefit from data-driven insights into internal systems and their entire network.

Rod Johnson, EVP Manufacturing & Supply Chain at Infor, states that the new brand reflects the last three years in which GT Nexus has been transformed. This is due to new digital technologies such as IoT, in-memory processing, mobile, advanced visualisation and AI. We now offer an improved supply chain network that is real-time, intelligent and self-orchestrating, says Johnson.

Control Center

The new Infor Nexus brand follows the introduction of Control Center, which provides a reliable, end-to-end view of global supply chain flows. This, combined with Coleman AI, enables customers to predict potential problems, identify opportunities for response and focus their attention on situations that have the greatest impact on the business. By aligning users, companies can react faster and work quickly, precisely and accurately.

With Infor Nexus, data once hidden in organizational silos becomes visible and provides a single version of the truth, so everyone uses the same information. Infor Coleman AI applies machine learning to global demand, supply and capital flows to provide rich insights and predictive analysis. Users can continue to execute decisions directly on the network without having to consult multiple tools.

Digital collaboration

Through insight and digital collaboration possibilities, users can meet customer demand in a profitable way. This means that companies are able to see problems more quickly and respond to them. Thanks to a wealth of data collected from all participants in the network, AI improves predictions and allows users to make better decisions.

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