VodafoneZiggo has published a reference offer for access to its cable network, reports Tweakers. The offer is a starting point for negotiations with parties wishing to offer services on the open cable network. The offer shows that there is no unlimited data volume.

In its reference offer, VodafoneZiggo offers three speed profiles for providers. The lowest, 40/4 Mbit/s, costs 23.10 euros excluding VAT per month. There is also an option for 200/20 Mbit/s and 400/40 Mbit/s. For the highest option is 43.70 euros per month paid. The profiles are all a combination of digital radio, TV and internet.

If customers consume more data than the average of comparable Ziggo subscriptions, they will be charged 53 cents per 10 GB ‘volume block’. It is not known what the average consumption of Ziggo customers is.

Opening up the network

The Dutch Consumer Markets Authority (ACM) decided last year that VodafoneZiggo should open up its network to competition, just like KPN. Alternative providers without their own fixed network have so far only had access to KPN’s network. However, the ACM stated that since VodafoneZiggo is also a dominant party, it is so fair that this network will also be opened up to competition.

This means that alternative providers can now also offer Internet, television and fixed telephone services via VodafoneZiggo’s fixed cable network. According to the new reference offer, the speeds that other providers can offer on VodafoneZiggo’s network are one-fifth lower than the internet speeds that Ziggo will soon be offering itself. Last week, the provider announced a speed increase.

The prices in the reference offer are for the purchase of the services. However, in addition to the monthly charges, providers also have to pay a connection fee per subscriber and a service fee. In addition, a one-off charge of 86,155 euros excluding VAT is made for an implementation project.


T-Mobile may be one of the parties interested in offering its services over VodafoneZiggo’s cable network. The company had already submitted an enforcement request to the ACM because the reference offer was not yet online. The deadline for that was Sunday, and since then the offer is also online.

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