Cloudera comes up with new tools for networking edge

Cloudera comes up with new tools for networking edge

Cloudera has today unveiled its first new product, since the merger with former rival Hortonworks has been completed. The product focuses on workloads in the network edge. This mainly refers to Internet or Things (IoT) devices and sensors.

The idea behind Cloudera’s new tools is that they help companies to absorb and process data at source. Companies can then immediately analyze that data and use that analysis to make better business decisions. The fact that data is processed on the network edge means that new insights are available more quickly. This is possible because information does not first go to a remote data centre, where the data is processed and then goes back to the source.

Processing data

Vikran Makhija, general manager of Data in Motion at Cloudera, told SiliconANGLE that this is important for a number of reasons. First of all, all IoT sensors and devices can put unnecessary pressure on the networks. This is due to the large amount of data that is constantly going up and down.

By having the data available at the right time, important insights can be generated in real time, says Makhija. By making the edge more intelligent and by integrating and executing machine learning models there, you can assume that only important data goes to the companies that perform the analyses. The industry is slowly switching to analytics on the edge, making the avoidance of costly trips of data more important.

This also helps if the edge does not have a network connection. An airplane or a truck often has no network or moves through an area where there is sometimes no network. However, sometimes it is important to process the data. In all these scenarios, it is important to take action on the edge, even if data is not fully available. This also allows companies to make significant cost savings.

Two new tools

In order to be able to offer all these possibilities to companies, Cloudera is launching the following two new tools:

  • Cloudera Edge Management: Designed to improve the way IoT data is processed.
  • Cloudera Flow Management: is used to manage the flow of data within an organization.

The tools are available within Cloudera’s DataFlow platform.

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