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Google announced during Google Cloud Next that G Suite is now used by more than 5 million companies worldwide. This makes it an excellent alternative to Office 365, although the latter will be many times larger in terms of numbers. Furthermore, the company announced that it will continue to develop the G Suite. For example, Hangouts Chat is now integrated into Gmail.

Last year, Google introduced Hangouts Chat for business G Suite customers. A way to easily communicate with colleagues in addition to email. Google competes directly with Slack and Microsoft Teams. Now the company has decided to make Hanougts Chat more prominent and to reduce the number of emails within companies, by integrating Hangouts Chat into Gmail. In the lower left corner of the screen, a block is added, where you can quickly communicate with colleagues via chat. This saves you from sending a number of e-mails.

Furthermore, Google has decided to link Google Assistant to your calendar, so you can ask the Google Assistant for an overview of your day and all your appointments will be diluted. You can also use Google Voice to link a phone number to all employees of the company, so that they can be called directly. Of course there are extra costs involved. Whether and when this will also be available in the Benelux is unclear, for now Google Voice is really focused on the American market.

With G Suite, Google has made great strides in recent years and has convinced many large organizations to choose Google. Companies like Netflix, Spotify and Lyft now work with G Suite. Companies with a large number of employees on the move also use G Suite. Google cited Air Asia as an example of this.

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