AWS makes Amazon Managed Blockchain widely available

AWS makes Amazon Managed Blockchain widely available

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has made Amazon Managed Blockchain widely available. Initially this can be used by HyperLedger. Managed Blockchain is a fully managed service that makes it easy to create and manage scalable blockchain networks.

Amazon Managed Blockchain is designed for users who want to enable multiple parties to execute transactions and maintain a cryptographic, verifiable record of them, without the need for a trusted, central authority, writes ZDNet.

The decentralized service allows users to quickly set up a blockchain network with multiple AWS accounts via the AWS Management Console. It is possible to choose a preferred framework, although only HyperLedger is available now. Later this year there should also be support for Ethereum. Then users can add network members and configure the member nodes that process transaction requests.

Quantum Ledger Database

Amazon Managed Blockchain was already announced in November last year, together with the Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB). QLDB is a fully managed LED database with a centrally reliable authority. According to Amazon, this platform can process transactions twice as fast as standard.

The data can be moved from Amazon Managed Blockchain to Amazon QLDB for analysis. “With hindsight, it made sense where blockchain could be useful,” says CEO Andy Jassy.

According to AWS, Managed Blockchain is already used by AT&T, Nestlé and Singapore Exchange Limited. Amazon Managed Blockchain can be used for use cases in financial, logistics, retail and energy sectors, for example, which require transactions to be carried out quickly across multiple entities.


Amazon Managed Blockchain is readily available in the US East region. Later this year the service will be extended to other areas. Amazon QLDB is expected to become widely available in the coming months.

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