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KPN has opted for a multi-vendor policy when it comes to updating its mobile network in view of the arrival of 5G. However, extra attention is now being paid to the impact on security and the future policy of the Dutch government in this regard. However, this does not detract from the fact that Huawei will also be included in this multi-vendor strategy.

With the announcement that we are aiming for multi-vendor applications in the construction of our 5G mobile network, the operator clearly positions itself in the discussion about which suppliers the Dutch government should allow for the construction of these important networks.

In his statement, the operator and IT service provider states that, as a matter of principle, he strives to use the solutions and applications of those suppliers that can best achieve his mobile network ambitions. This means that these networks can have the solutions of multiple suppliers.

Tightening security impact

This multi-vendor policy now takes extra account of the changing insights regarding the protection of critical infrastructure and its possible influence on the future Dutch policy, KPN states. For this reason, the operator has decided to further tighten the security policy for fixed and mobile network providers.

This tightening is particularly relevant now that the operator has decided which market parties it will choose for the construction and roll-out of the 5G update of the mobile radio and antenna network and the mobile core network.

Huawei still part of 5G update

In principle, the operator of the antenna and radio network has now concluded a preliminary agreement with the Chinese manufacturer Huawei. The main reason for this was that this supplier is the global market leader in this field and therefore has the best solutions available.

However, a clause has been added to the contract to the effect that the provisional agreement can be adjusted or reversed in order to bring it into line with future Dutch government policy.

Western mobile core network supplier

With the update of the mobile core network, which according to KPN is more sensitive in the field of security, we are now explicitly opting for a Western supplier of this type of application. This means that the choice will probably be between Ericsson and Nokia solutions. For its fixed network, the operator has recently signed a cooperation agreement with Nokia.

KPN continues to talk

This combined approach should therefore enable the operator to quickly modernise its mobile network environments and prepare them for the arrival of 5G. KPN reiterates that it is always in contact with the various stakeholders, such as the Dutch government, when it comes to new insights into the protection of the national critical infrastructure.

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