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Unit4 has announced to make new Smart Automation Services available to Business World ERP customers. It also unveiled new cloud extensions for the company’s applications, as well as a fixed-price cloud migration solution.

The new Smart Automation Services use machine learning to automatically allocate and complete service flows, allowing people to work smarter. In this way, more time should be set aside for work that offers results and personal rewards.

The new Smart Automation Services use machine learning in the People Platform to enable analytically triggered interactions. Unveiled in 2017, the People Platform is the modern foundation for Unit4 applications.

The Smart Automation Services comes with two specific services: Smart Resource Planning and Smart Invoice Processing. Smart Resource Planning automatically schedules service orders. Smart Invoice Processing is a service that automatically creates invoices, where accounting information is applied to the invoice before it is automatically distributed for approval.

Cloud Extensions

Unit has also delivered 4 new cloud extensions, which have been developed using the Extension Kit. The extensions, based on micro-services, are made available via GitHub. This includes an extension that places calendar events in Outlook when an absence is created in Unit4 Business World.

There is also an extension that automatically notifies you when a customer or donor is registered in Business World that is on the U.S. government’s Watch list. Another extension provides reports of the evaluation of the credit risk of customers via Dun and Bradstreet.

With the new extensions it is also possible to create a Service Request in Business World with Google Forms. New employees can also be welcomed with the company’s Digital Assistant. Finally, information about suppliers in Business World can be entered using data from the Chamber of Commerce.

Cloud migration

Unit4 also unveiled a new cloud migration at a fixed price to simplify the migration process for customers. The new offering includes an assessment to evaluate customers’ requirements and provides full transparency in the environment of their current solution, to identify unique adaptations and interfaces to other systems.

Based on this assessment, Unit4 makes a cloud migration journey and offers a fixed price for the entire migration process. It also offers a standard time for that migration.

Unit4 offers four different packages. First of all, there is a small variant for 15,000 euros, which will be completed within 20 working days. Medium costs 35.000 euro and is completed in 40 working days, Large is available for 75.000 euro and is ready in 75 working days. Finally, there is an enterprise variant with a price that is tailored to the assessment.


The enterprise-bot Wanda is now offered as standard to Unit4 Business World ERP customers, to help them adopt the modern People Experience faster. Wanda should be a friendly and simple gateway to data in Unit4 solutions via a conversational user experience (CUX) using natural language.

Wanda already works via Slack, Skype, Microsoft Teams and Facebook Messenger, and now speaks English, Norwegian, Swedish, French and German. From now on, the bots are available in Business World for purchases, capturing time, travel and expenses, HR, workflows approvals and company policies.

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