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Exactly has announced his Summer 19 Release. The update comes with various innovations that should save companies a lot of time in processing HR and payroll administration. The company also puts its money where its mouth is.

For example, Exact Online Salary has a smart algorithm that can automatically make changes and gives alerts when action is needed. Entrepreneurs who have a business account with Knab can now also link their bank account to Exact Online. As a result, banking transactions are automatically processed in the accounting software.

It is also possible for users to approve invoices by swiping through the mobile app. After approval, the invoice is immediately available for payment. Per user per invoice limits can be set for approval, and per user and supplier incoming invoices up to a certain amount can be automatically approved.

Finally, an additional check has been added for duplicate purchase invoices. Exact Online already had a check based on reference number and supplier, but now there is also a check on the total amount and the invoice date.

ERP software

Exact’s ERP software has also received various updates. These are easy-to-integrate innovations that are available on premise and in the public or private cloud. For example, the Exact Hour Entry app now allows entrepreneurs to view project information easily and securely. These include, for example, documents and the status of the work.

Also, the ability to access information via the internal communication platform Social Collaboration within Exact Synergy has been improved. The timeline is easier to read and message sharing is smoother.

The HR and salary software has a high level of focus on convenience. Thanks to alerts, salary processors are informed of changes in collective agreements or adjustments to salaries on the basis of age. The completed payroll administration is automatically processed in the accounts.

Trade and production software

Finally, the company has updated its trade and production software to enable trade and production companies to deliver faster and more reliably.

With Scheduled Returns in Exact Online, for example, a smooth handling of returned products is ensured. In addition, production companies can easily prioritize work orders, so that staff know the order in which orders must be completed.

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