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The effective implementation of DevOps is hampered mainly by bureaucracy. This is the result of research carried out by F5 Networks during the DevOpsDays, an international event in Amsterdam.

No less than 40 per cent of the industry experts surveyed consider bureaucracy to be the biggest problem. This concerns in particular procedural steps such as changing reviews, adapted ticket systems and handling manual processes.

In addition, legacy systems and code are a major problem, according to 25 percent of the respondents. Incompatibility of production environments is in third place with 21 percent, followed by the challenge to get a good overview of application performance (14 percent).

More cooperation with NetOps

According to F5, the results are in line with a previous company survey among NetOps and DevOps specialists. According to this study, DevOps teams are increasingly working with and coordinating with NetOps teams.

Also, the two types of specialists generally agree on the speed of delivering apps and services. For example, both teams argue that automation in the production pipeline. They also have more confidence in the reliability, performance and security of applications when more than 50 percent of the production pipeline is automated.

On the contrary, Trend Micro research earlier this month showed that communication between security and development teams in the organization needs to improve if companies are to achieve a good DevOps implementation. In order to achieve this, the integration between teams must be improved and common goals must be set.

Influence DevOps increases

According to Rodrigo Albuquerque, DevOps Solution Developer at F5 Networks, DevOps’ influence is increasing. In principle, it removes a lot of redundant processes and peripheral issues from the application delivery pipeline, and increases efficiency. However, DevOps has not yet been embraced by most companies, partly because bureaucracy and legacy systems stand in the way.

However, Albuquerque states that the focus on and application of automation is increasing. As soon as this has been widely implemented, it will eventually lead to more DevOps in practice.

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