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Amazon has taken over an Israeli storage start-up. These include E8 Storage, which provides flash storage for enterprises and the software-defined cloud.

The news was previously reported to Reuters by a source familiar with the deal. He said that E8 Storage should go hand in hand with the Amazon Web Services (AWS) development center in Tel Aviv.
Meanwhile, the news has been confirmed to TechCrunch. What has been paid for E8 Storage is unclear. The Israeli Globes states that the startup has a valuation between 50 and 60 million dollars.

E8 Storage specifically focuses on building storage hardware that uses flash-based memory to deliver faster performance than competing solutions.

E8 Storage

The solution is designed for enterprises that are interested in building a private, internal organizational cloud infrastructure. Also, it can be used for cloud vendors like AWS to accelerate performance.

By using storage installations, companies can remove their storage drives from their local servers in large data centres, without having to sacrifice, for example, the speed at which data is sent.

The combination of software and hardware also makes it possible to set up flexible data centres, which can adjust their speed and effectiveness to the customer’s required storage scale.

E8 Storage has worked with Intel and Mellanox for this in recent years.

Other acquisitions

AWS already has two other acquisitions to its name this year. In January, it took over both TSO Logic and CloudEndure.

TSO Logic is a startup from Vancouver that helps companies use the cloud as efficiently as possible. CloudEndure was based in Israel and offers data recovery services in the cloud in case of problems. It is unclear how much has been deposited for TSO Logic. AWS paid an estimated 250 million dollars for CloudEndure.

What exactly AWS’ plans for E8 Storage are is still unclear. However, it is clear that the startup is in line with the most important cases of AWS.

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