Nutanix and ServiceNow announce self-service for IT workflows

Nutanix and ServiceNow announce self-service for IT workflows

Nutanix and ServiceNow have announced that they will offer a self-service solution for common IT workflows. To this end, Nutanix’ hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) platform has been integrated with ServiceNow’s IT and operations solutions.

The integration allows ServiceNow customers to automatically discover HCI environments. In addition, they can access Nutanix’ IT services and receive instant notifications of critical HCI-related incidents within private clouds.

This automates common IT workflows. According to Nutanix, this is important because it leaves IT teams more time for other things, such as differentiating themselves from competititors and focusing on strategic planning. It is also possible to provide a public cloud-like experience in the data center.

Recent research by Vanson Bourne for Nutanix shows that almost all IT decision makers (98 percent) consider automation of IT activities important for their organization. 58 percent even said they thought this was “extremely important”.


The integration between the services of the two companies should contribute to this. For example, ServiceNow users will have self-service capabilities that will allow them to provision, manage and scale applications quickly via Nutanix’s Calm blueprints. These blueprints are published as service catalogue items on the Now platform.

In addition, users can discover Nutanix’ automated private cloud environments with ServiceNow’s ITOM Discovery service. This gives IT operators end-to-end visibility into Nutanix assets, including HCI clusters, virtual machine instances, and storage pools.

Private cloud operations can also be monitored through integration with the X-Play automation engine built into Prism Pro. A new X-Play action has been developed for ServiceNow, allowing IT managers to use the company’s ITSM service to notify their team of critical incidents and alerts in their private cloud.