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Cumulus Networks, provider of network management software to optimize data centers, and Dell EMC join forces to make campus network management easier. This includes Cumulus Linux and NetQ solutions.

With the introduction of the software solutions, Cumulus Networks wants to ensure that data centers with open and separate networks can easily expand into a campus network environment. This is based on a single fabric.

According to Cumulus Networks, this fabric or open network architecture helps to reduce complexity, simplifies network management, and also increases the reliability and performance of these networks.

Collaboration with Dell EMC

The new network solutions have been developed in cooperation with hardware supplier Dell EMC. This now provides a unified management model that simplifies the architecture of campus network environments and further automates and orchestrates management.

It also aims to reduce operational costs (OPEX). According to both suppliers, this can be achieved by further reducing the average solution time and thereby ending expensive support contracts with existing suppliers.

Practical solutions and applications

As a result of the collaboration, Cumulus Linux and NetQ software will be available on Dell EMC PowerSwitches. End users will then be able to benefit from a variety of features to connect their on-premise data centers to their campus network environments.

These include solutions such as 802.1x for authentication and security purposes, automation, Power over Ethernet (PoE), the use of 1G and MultiGig campus switches, Voice VLANs, L2/L3 switching, MLAG and EVPN/VXVLAN.

The joint solutions and applications of Cumulus Networks and Dell EMC are available immediately.