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Because of the cancellation of the Mobile World Congress, Ericsson has presented an extension to its 5G platform and a few mobile network control products in London. Amongst others Artificial Intelligence (AI) features are part of the announcement.

Network Intelligence, Energy Infrastructure Operations and Omni Network Channel are new Ericsson products to help meet certain new network equipment requirements. These include the reduction of CO2 emissions and increasing capacity in general.

3 new solutions

Network Intelligence is a solution that should enable a more stable operation of mobile networks, as well as reducing critical incidents by up to 35 percent. This is done by means of AI, which enables automated anticipation and resolution of errors. If an error does occur, the service should resolve the problem within a maximum of five minutes after the data acquisition.

There is also the Omni Network Channel, which is designed for easy navigation and self-help functions. The platform is designed to provide the user with improved network performance and faster troubleshooting as well. In addition, this solution should make it easier to implement technologies such as 5G, and mobile network operators are supported by Omni Network Channel to develop the skills of their staff.

The third solution is meant for energy management and is called Energy Infrastructure Operations. This solution uses AI and data analytics to optimise energy consumption across entire network infrastructures. Especially in the energy efficiency of wireless networks, large energy savings can be realised. Greater operational efficiency should also be possible, by avoiding on-site inspections, which ultimately also leads to a reduction in CO2 emissions.