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A doubling of the current Wifi 6 speed, by means of an upgraded CPU: Chip manufacturer Broadcom hopes to make it happen with the BCM4389, to provide flagship smartphones with a significantly faster internet connection and a longer battery life.

The new chip would be the first to use the 6 GHz bandwidth and could offer a significantly higher speed with that expansion. Initially, the new CPU would only be used for the top-of-the-line models of smartphone manufacturers, as well as for virtual reality machines.


Not only should the speed improve significantly, the chip will also come with the necessary Bluetooth improvements. The new tri-band simultaneous architecture would make it easier to link devices using Bluetooth. The improvements will also allow the technology to find a better network of its own to improve the experience from multiple sides. This means, among other things, that better audio quality can be delivered and the range is increased.

The rollout of the 6 GHz bandwidth is expected in America sometime this year. Exceptionally, by the end of 2019, Europe would already be significantly ahead of the United States. Regarding devices, Broadcom states that there will be a full range of routers, gateways, business access points and devices that can use the BCM4389.