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Building on hundreds of millions of Zen chips sold, AMD is taking the next step in the CPU market. CEO Lisa Su announced the arrival of a range of new chips, including a CPU with multiple layers of chips on top of each other.

In 2020, AMD will introduce a new server CPU called Milan, based on Zen 3’s 7nm architecture. This architecture will also be reflected in the new consumer chips later this year. Two years later, the next generation will come in the form of Genoa, a series of 5nm.

When it comes to GPUs, AMD initially adopted the same approach as for CPUs, basing enterprise GPUs on the same architecture as all consumer graphics cards. With the new line, however, AMD is taking a different tack and opting for a completely different architecture.

Under the name CDNA, GPUs will be optimised for use in advanced computing infrastructures, just like in AI applications. The first generation will still use 7nm technology, for the second generation (with a release in 2022) it will switch to a still unnamed ‘advanced process’.

Apart from the announcement of chips, AMD also discussed a number of other innovations. For example, Infinity Fabric 3.0 will have to ensure a faster interaction between CPU and GPU (which should significantly improve performance) and announced that it is working on an advanced technology called X3D. This would allow multiple chips to be stacked on top of each other to deliver an even more powerful CPU. There is no release date for such a 3D chip yet, but AMD already put the arrival on a timeline.