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Hyper-Converged Infrastructure (HCI) specialist Nutanix has expanded the integration of its systems and software with ServiceNow solutions. The Nutanix Calm-tool for the automation and management of applications and the Prism Pro monitoring software is now integrated with ServiceNow’s solutions and applications.

Further integration should enable IT administrators to spend less time on the day-to-day management of their cloud infrastructure and applications. This will allow them to focus more on their core business activities.

Integration with Calm version 3.0

The improved integration primarily focusses on the integration of version 3.0 of the Calm software (still in development) with the ServiceNow platform. Calm 3.0 will soon offer both Nutanix and ServiceNow users the possibility to use the permission flow and auditing capabilities of ServiceNow to automate application lifecycle management. This involves automating upgrades, patches and expansions, among other things. It is also possible to manage passwords centrally through the CyberArc vault which is made possible by the integration of CyberArc and ServiceNow.

The Calm 3.0 solution adds functionality for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) provisioning, based on a Python-based domain-specific language (DSL), to create Calm-blueprints. The Calm DSl has the same capabilities as the Calm User Interface (UI), according to the HCI-vendor. The only difference is that the Calm DSL has version-controlled code that can be read by humans. According to the vendor, this code can handle the most complex application scenarios.

Nutanix Prism Pro management tool and ServiceNow

Users of the Nutanix Prism Pro management tool can collect information about, and respond to, alerts and incidents directly in the ServiceNow portal. This way, users can monitor infrastructure problems with automatically created tickets and solve these problems within the ticketing system itself.

Users of both Nutanix and ServiceNow can also intervene in the event of non-intended cloud consumption by restricting consumption. For example, they can incorporate cost management and security recommendations for Nutanix systems directly into existing workflows of the ServiceNow platform. Once again, the system creates automatically tickets for this purpose. These tickets are based on recommendations for cost savings and security alerts for vulnerabilities. The tickets can be allocated to the right people to solve them.

Entering the competition

The full integration of the Nutanix solutions, from the HCI vendor’s point of view, is aimed at convincing end-users that Nutanix products are the best and easiest to use with the ServiceNow platform. The HCI vendor is competing with other HCI providers, such as Cisco, Dell EMC and HPE, whom also have extensive integration with the ServiceNow platform.