Cohesity accelerates the flash performance of its storage platform

Cohesity accelerates the flash performance of its storage platform

Cohesity adds a new flash technology called I/O Boost to its software-based Cohesity Data Platform (CDP). In addition, Cohesity now delivers its optimized Cohesity Data Platform on server systems such as HPE and Cisco by default.

With the introduction of the I/O Boost flash technology, Cohesity wants to stimulate the use of flash and make it more affordable. At the same time, the new technology can respond more easily to growing pressure from SLAs in the field of backup, recovery, file and object storage services and data insight.

Specifically, I/O Boost ensures that data and metadata are cleverly stored on the connected NVMe SSDs of a server. The data is ‘striped’ over the physical media. This ensures that the lifespan and effectiveness of the relevant SSDs are improved, and wear and tear is reduced. The technology also allows parallel access to the data and metadata for faster generic storage I/O.

Advantages I/O Boost

The I/O Boost flash technology ensures that intensive work with metadata is accelerated. This includes deduplication, replication and backup. This is especially useful for applications such as data protection and disaster recovery.

In addition, the technology optimizes Quality of Service (QoS) policies to maximize the peak performance of workloads. I/O Boost also dynamically accelerates data management tasks to deliver predictable application performance across all workloads.

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Collaborate with major hardware vendors

Cohesity delivers its I/O Boost technology upgraded Cohesity Data Platform now directly with the server hardware of some major vendors. In cooperation with HPE, an established partner, the platform will be delivered as OEM with the HPE Proliant DL360 G10. This is a 1U system with ten slots for NVMe drives.

In addition, Cohesity is also working together with Cisco. The Cohesity software is included with the Cisco UCS C220 M5 server. Just like the application of HPE, this is a server based on a 1U system with ten NVMe drive slots.

Other vendors that use the most recent Cohesity DataPlatform are the Dell PowerEdge R640 and Intel R1208WF servers. These are 1U systems with eight NVMe drive slots. Cohesity also has a partnership with Pure Storage in the field of flash technology.

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