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HPE is bringing a slew of new solutions to its GreenLake cloud platform to ‘future-proof’ it. The updates should simplify the management of storage, data, and workloads in on-premises and public and private cloud environments.

The so-called HPE GreenLake Block Storage for Amazon Web Services (AWS) simplifies the placement of such workloads in hybrid cloud environments through software-defined storage. That offers opportunities for (faster and more reliable) virtualization, integration with container environments and high-performance computing in the hybrid cloud.

The latest release, built on the HPE Alletra MP storage controller, now supports NVMe capacity scaling up to 5.6 petabytes (or about 5.6 million gigabytes). It also provides HPE Infosight AIOps with cross-stack analytics to provide more insight into workloads. This should lead to performance improvements across the board and optimal use of available resources, among other things.

Support for new infrastructure

Customers who prefer a self-service private cloud solution can use HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition. This product allows them to manage all their edge workloads or move virtual machines between on-premises and cloud environments, to name a few use cases. This solution now offers support for the 11th generation of the HPE SimpliVity infrastructure platform and the aforementioned Alletra MP storage controller.

HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition offers a contemporary disaggregated hyperconverged architecture -quite a mouthful. In short, it allows for independently scaling data storage, computing power or networking. The solution can be deployed for both edge networking and general-purpose VMs and offers built-in data protection.

One less forklift upgrade

Another product the company is launching is the HPE Timeless Program. This program is designed for customers who choose block storage on the Alletra MP. It basically offers an upgrade to a next-generation controller without interruption when they renew their subscription. By choosing this ‘buy now, save time and cost later’ solution, HPE promises customers a reduction in the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) of 30 percent on average by avoiding one forklift upgrade.

HPE GreenLake Block Storage for AWS will be available in late May 2024. HPE GreenLake for Private Cloud Business Edition, with a choice of the Alletra MP or the SimpliVity Gen11, will be available starting in July. Concerning the HPE Timeless Program, the company states that this will be available sometime in Q3.

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