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VMware and Nvidia will work together, the partnership aims to speed up AI adoption among data centre business customers.

VMware and Nvidia announced a partnership to make VMware’s software work better with Nvidia’s artificial intelligence (AI) chips.

The announcement was made at at VMworld 2020. The AI software available on the NVIDIA NGCTM hub will be integrated into VMware vSphere, VMware Cloud Foundation and VMware Tanzu.

Such an integration is intended to help accelerate AI adoption. It will enable enterprises to extend existing infrastructure for AI and manage all applications with a single set of operations. Enterprises will be able to deploy AI-ready infrastructure where the data resides, across the data center, cloud and edge.

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“Democratizing AI”

“We are partnering with NVIDIA to bring AI to every enterprise; a true democratization of one of the most powerful technologies,” said Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware.

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, expressed the benefits to business that will arise from the collaboration. “AI and machine learning have quickly expanded from research labs to data centers in companies across virtually every industry and geography,” he said.

“NVIDIA and VMware will help customers transform every enterprise data center into an accelerated AI supercomputer,” Huang continued. “NVIDIA DPUs will give companies the ability to build secure, programmable, software-defined data centers that can accelerate all enterprise applications at exceptional value.”

Introducing Project Monterrey

The companies plan to deliver an architecture for the hybrid cloud based on SmartNIC technology. That architecture will include NVIDIA’s programmable BlueField®-2 DPU. The combination of VMware Cloud Foundation and NVIDIA BlueField-2 will create a next-generation infrastructure. This infrastructure will be purpose-built for the demands of AI, machine learning, high-throughput and data-centric apps.

The hybrid cloud initiative is part of Project Monterrey, which is a “new initiative to extend VMware Cloud Foundation to support SmartNIC Technology.” VMware announced the project on Tuesday.

“Together, we’re positioned to help every enterprise accelerate their use of breakthrough applications to drive their business,” claimed VMware’s Gelsinger.

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