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People who buy the new iPhone 12 in Europe might face problems connecting to the available 5G networks. Telecom industry experts have warned that the iPhone 12, due tomorrow, might not connect to the 700MHz 5G band.

Customers will be left searching for 5G coverage, according to analysts. According to Matthew Howett, the principal analyst at Assembly, the iPhone 12 does not support the 700MHz band. This could mean coverage problems throughout Europe. He continued to say that the spectrum bands the iPhone 12 works on are essential.

History repeats

Analysts had said that the situation arising from this could be similar to what happened in 2012. Apple also made a choice not to support certain bands in 2012, which were popular for the initial 4G roll-out.

The lower spectrum bands, like 700MHz, are suitable in the extension of coverage of telecom networks. The band allows signals to reach the remote areas of the country and go beyond what antennas can output. Many telecom operators in Europe have started the rollout of 5G on the 700MHz band.

On the 700MHz band, they can quickly offer full coverage. The signals travel further and go through buildings and walls with ease. However, the band is not the best for capacity, meaning that it struggles when many people try to download or upload data simultaneously. Other bands will be added over time to create more capacity, those bands are supported by the new iPhone.

Missed opportunities

For Apple its a missed opportunity not to support the 700MHz band, because they cannot claim its a 5G phone when it doesn’t work on todays networks. It’s a partly 5G phone, but that doesn’t sound right, does it?

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