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VMware has announced that, in the coming years, it intends to achieve several ethical objectives. These consist of 30 targets that the company hopes to achieve by 2030.

The goals consist of three components: trust, equality and sustainability.


In the trust category, VMware intends to work on matters such as privacy and security. The company wants to build technology that people can rely upon. “By approaching innovation from a foundation of digital ethics and stewardship, and focusing on intrinsic security, privacy-by-design, and transparent business practices, we aim to build and protect trust among our people, customers, partners, shareholders, and communities”, said Nicola Acutt. She is VMware’s vice president for environmental, social and governance.

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VMware aims to hire one woman for every man the company hires by 2030. The company also wants to add more women and people from underrepresented communities to its management.


VMware’s sustainability targets consist of the intention to, by 2030, be fully CO2 neutral and reduce its own emissions by 50 percent compared to 2018. The company will also encourage suppliers to reduce their emissions and will try to source 100 percent of its energy from renewable sources.

Pat Gelsinger, CEO of VMware, says he set the targets after talking to his daughter about the accomplishments of his generation. His daughter then asked him if, in this process, his generation had bankrupted the planet. He had to agree with her.

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