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The Swedisch telecom operator Tele2 has chosen a partnership with Nokia for the deployment of 5G core networks in Sweden and the Baltics. Which is a huge win for Nokia, since their biggest competitor, Ericsson, is also from Sweden. They beat them at their home turf.

The news about this partnership came out on Monday, as to be included in Sweden’s rollout of the 5G networks.

Tele2, a Swedish company, said that the new core infrastructure will include support for both 4G and 5G connections. With this inclusion of both options, there will be better speeds and lower latency, leading to better user experiences.

Good friends

Raghav Sahgal, the president of Nokia Cloud and Network Services, released a statement about the partnership. In it, he said that the company is proud to expand the long-standing relationship it has with Tele2, during these early days of the 5G era.

Sweden is home to one of Nokia’s biggest rivals, Ericsson. The country announced back in October that it would ban the use of China’s Huawei and ZTE. The two companies will not be able to provide equipment to be used in the rollout of 5G across the country. Huawei did appeal to this decision, but have now already lost a chance at an operator.

In addition to that, the country also ordered all companies with Huawei equipment to start replacing them. The exercise to exterminate Huawei and ZTE equipment comes with a deadline. Huawei hopes to change the outcome of that rule with their appeal.

A tightening grip on China

All over Europe, countries have been restricting Chinese firms and putting measures in place to keep them out of the effort to implement the new 5G networks. The pressure that’s forcing all this into motion, comes from Washington.

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The United States government believes that since Huawei is so close to Beijing, its equipment in networks would be dangerous since it could be used to spy on people.

Meanwhile, Sweden’s telecoms regulator PTS has been allowed to resume its auction of 5G spectrums, without including Huawei.