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Rackspace announced a new service model for delivering managed cloud services on Wednesday, to help its clients build and operate their cloud infrastructure with an extensive and scalable approach, aligned with DevOps’ best practices.

This new offering is a type of “elastic engineering,” which offers customers access to a “pod” of Rackspace cloud engineering experts. The pod is comprised of nine architects and engineers.

Customers work with the same pod so that engineers can be familiar with their customer’s needs, as well as existing resources. Rackspace is offering Elastic Engineering support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

What’s offered?

The core service itself is sold as hours, to offer clients scaling as needed, at efficient prices. The traditional cloud managed services are usually fixed in scope and focus on specific infrastructure operations. However, Rackspace says that this model doesn’t align with the DevOps mindset adopted by IT teams.

Josh Prewitt, the Veep of public cloud for the company, said that instead of your request coming to a team of hundreds of people supporting thousands of customers, it now comes to a small pod of nine people who support maybe 12 clients max.

Continuous innovation

Prewitt explains that the pods will partner with the clients, to understand the problems that need solving. Anything that the hyperscale provider has, will be implemented to facilitate the solutions.

A metered service model like this should be great for IT teams that aren’t worried about simply keeping the lights on, added Rackspace’s Veep of technology strategy, Taylor Bird. Innovation is as important as uptime, security, and reliability, he continued.

Bird believes that it is not just about keeping the lights on, or break-fix. It is about continuously innovating to meet each challenge head-on. This model is a replacement for the traditional outsourcing model.