EC announces series of webinars on their Evolve Data Project

EC announces series of webinars on their Evolve Data Project

The Commission has a program for “bringing together HPC, Big Data and Cloud”

This week the EC announced a series of events in support of its Evolve initiative. Launched in 2018, the Evolve Project is a €14 million Innovation Action comprising of 19 organisations from 11 European countries. It is taking concrete steps in bringing the big data, high-performance computing, and cloud worlds in a unique platform.

The EC hopes this platform will increase the ability to extract value from massive and demanding datasets.

Evolve is part of European Commission’s answer to the unprecedented data growth currently experienced. It takes its funding under the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation programme.

The initiative announced this week will commence with set of webinars taking place in June and October of this year. The 9 webinars come out of the successes and challenges encountered in the EVOLVE project, and the goal is not to focus on the project itself but on some specific technologies the consortium has been extensively using in the framework of EVOLVE.

This will be the opportunity to discuss during short sessions – always based on hands-on examples – the articulation of Slurm with Kubernetes, workflow implementation, AI applied to agriculture optimization, Mobility with accelerated big data and many other topics.

Expanding the Evolve ecosystem

An ancillary function of the Evolve project is to establish and nurture a network that will empower open innovation based on the platform that Evolve is building. The Evolve Ecosystem brings together all the policy makers, research organizations, engineers, developers and companies acting as end-users that are actively working on the fields of high-performance computing, big data and cloud.

The ecosystem consists both of technology and user stakeholders that may be interested in a subsequent commercialization phase. It also encompasses further workflow owners that may directly benefit evolve by bringing new datasets and business cases to the testbed capabilities.

The evolve ecosystem will also facilitate innovative enterprises (large industries, SMEs, creative start-ups and university students – bachelor, master, PhD level) to develop and test their novel solutions.

Aside from the EVOLVE consortium and European Commission, the webinars are supported by AI4EU, ETP4HPC, EUROHPC and EPI.

The calendar of webinars is available at You can also download the agenda at