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Intel has just released information on the new chip they have created, called the infrastructure processing unit (IPU). It aims to boost the efficiency of cloud providers’ data centres as it offloads computing tasks from their main server CPU’s.

Intel has announced that their IPU chips are now out and ready for use. The infrastructure processing unit will be helping cloud providers improving the efficiency of their data centres. It will be a way for them to offload their computing tasks from the primary CPUs of their server.

Intel has stated that many cloud providers are already using this new technology.

The need for this unique product

For an application to run, a server must, besides carrying out the computations of the application itself, also perform many auxiliary functions.

The server has to coordinate with the network that the application uses to exchange data, perform various supporting tasks and manage requests made to business records kept in storage hardware. All these tasks take up a significant portion of the computer’s total processing capacity.

These IPUs are meant to help free up the capacity spent on the supporting tasks. These chips will be like network devices that companies can easily attach to their servers.

These chips will take over auxiliary functions once it is attached. The IPU chip will take over tasks such as networking and managing storage infrastructure performed by a CPU’s server.

What will this achieve?

More CPU cycles will be available for different applications due to this new hardware. It will help tasks be performed more efficiently by servers because of its specialized circuits, specifically optimized to perform low-level infrastructure operations. Intel states that the IPU’s can perform many infrastructure functions such as security, network virtualization, and storage virtualization.

Both software and hardware within the chips can be programmed, allowing Intel’s clients to personalize them to meet their needs.