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After providing free help with migrations to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), Oracle is now coming up with even more free offerings to entice organizations to do more with its cloud environment. Starting today, you can take OCI training courses for free. In addition, certification tests will also be free for a period of time.

Earlier this year we wrote about Oracle Cloud Lift. This supports organizations that want to migrate to OCI. It does this by offering technical knowledge for the actual migration, but also with support. However, it is not only about the actual migration to OCI. It is also important that the people of an organization have sufficient knowledge and skills around OCI to actually work with it. In general, employees are trained and certified to do this. Both the training courses and the exams/tests with which you obtain certifications are free as of today.

Access to complete catalogue

When it comes to training, organizations get access to the full range of what the catalogue has to offer on OCI. This is spread across multiple levels and multiple roles and is offered in 13 languages. In addition, you can practice for free in a live OCI environment. Live sessions by Oracle specialists are also accessible. These sessions are mainly about sharing best practices, but personal feedback is also provided. If you are looking for a new job, you will also find information within the new program that will help you move forward.

As to the free certification exams, these will cover everything from start to finish. That is, from preparatory courses to the actual exam and certification. One of the exams that Oracle specifically names is the one for Oracle Autonomous Database. That’s one of the company’s flagship courses, of course. In addition, there are 10 more available for free. You can read more about this initiative via this link.

The certification exams will not be free indefinitely, though. The end date of the offer is December 31 2021. The training courses will stay free to access after that date.

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